JINZU… A name that resonates in an endless echo.

The term refers to an ancestral Japanese enameling technique.


JINZU, it is a beautiful story, a moving human adventure.


During a journey in the middle of rural Spain, fall under the spell of a local cooperative, a small textile factory, lost at the base of the mountains. This incredible encounter induced love at first sight for this traditional set of skills that the craftsman and his team endeavor to perpetuate through time. Days were spent discussing, breathing the place, feeling the stuff, contemplating the deep colors of the cotton thread, following the back-and-forth motion of the hands manipulating the shuttle… then the idea grew and became more precise. JINZU shall highlight these unique textile pieces which aesthetic and authentic values vibrate in harmony with the ceramic creations.


JINZU is delighted to be able to sustain the local economy of a European country like Spain, a region that was shaken up by the financial crisis, but that goes on with its creative activities with passion and humanity, drawing its strength from solidarity.

JINZU cares about ecology. It is the reason for which the items it proposes are all crafted with natural and/or recycled raw materials.


JINZU wants to work respectfully with the craftsmen and ensure that the greatest value is attached to their expertise. 


JINZU … unique objects … a little extra touch of soul.


JINZU is a selection of European unique handmade objects that possess this little extra touch of soul, of character, of authenticity and poetry. 


… carpets … like abstract paintings…


The carpets, pillows and pouffes are products from the center of Spain that are handmade through the use of mechanical weaving looms. No sophisticated design here, but inspired craftsmen who randomly and intuitively spin the spindle and the recycled and colored cotton chenilles, to ultimately obtain weavings, textures and subtle tonalities, like small abstract paintings. One thinks of Rothko.


… a 100% Belgian ceramic.


The ceramic items proposed by JINZU are shaped with an artisanal wheel in the Brussels workshop of Eloïse BONEHILL. As a professional ceramicist who was formed by the best academies and masters, Eloïse creates a usage-oriented ceramic essentially oriented towards tableware: teapots, bowls, plates, dishes and trays. A proper gesture giving birth to uncluttered forms and lines. The mastering of cooking, of enameling thanks to natural oxides and the subtlety of taints and textures that result from this process create items endowed with a rare sensuality.


The ceramic production of Eloïse BONEHILL has been, for years, distributed in beautiful shops in Northern Europe. 


The JINZU collection will expand through time, travel and meetings.