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Scented candle from the collaboration with the artist CHAMA CHRAIBI

Minimalist style with one-line drawing technique

The ZAMAN candles are entirely handmade by craftsman in the region of Marrakech using age old pottery techniques. 

Chama Chraibi is a young contemporary visual artist from Casablanca. Her distinctive minimalist style emanates fresh and vibrant energy with aesthetically pleasing strokes and curves. She use the "one-line drawing" technique to represent the world around her in one single continuous line. 

Size S - 1 wick 100% cotton 

Dates scent

Duration: 40 hours

Height: 9 cm

Diameter: 7 cm

Size M - 3 wicks 100% cotton

Dates scent

Duration 80 hours

Height: 10 cm

Diameter: 12 cm

Size L - 4 wicks 100% cotton 

Dates scent

Duration: 180 hours

Height: 15cm

Diameter: 15 cm

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