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Blue Green Transparent Lamp


Traditional Syrian lamps in a cluster of glass.

Every drop of the lamp is mouth-blown in Bab Sharki, on the outskirts of the old town of Damascus in a small family business, which has already existed for two generations. This is one of the oldest families of glassmakers in the city. Threatened with extinction with the wars that ravage the country, the glassworks still stand and today support a dozen families. They don’t work with children.

The oven used in the workshop is a traditional clay oven, baked on site, which is redone every year during the period of Ramadan. The oven requires several days of heating before reaching the temperature necessary for working with the glass.

Drops are mouth-blown with recycled glass, collected mainly in Europe, which will be pulverized and then sieved before being reused in the oven. Then follows a work of creation where glasses, decanters, cups, vases, lamps, etc. will be reborn.

Mouth-blown, each lamp has small irregularities making them unique. The colour and size may vary slightly from piece to piece.

The lamps are fragile. Although very carefully packaged, it may happen during transport that one or two bubbles are broken. This will not change the beauty of the lamp. Just remove the broken bubble and the others will take its place.

The lamps can be either put on a piece of furniture or suspended (a hook is present on each lamp).

The lamp is sold with its electrical system and a bulb to allow you to use it immediately.


S -Size 2 : Ø 25 x l 35 cm 

M- Size 3: Ø 30 x l 40 cm 

L- Size 4: Ø 35 x l 45 cm

XL-Size 5: Ø 36 x l 55 cm

XXL- Size 6: Ø 40 x l 60 cm

Sold with electrical system (cable 1,5m - prise type C - CEE 7/16 )

and one bulb (LED 40W-470 lumen)

Color: transparent, olive green, amber, purple, turquoise blue, transparent-turquoise blue, transparent-amber-purple, transparent-amber-olive green, sandblasted.

Material: recycled glass and metal frame

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